The Farm

Elizabeth Farms began as The Elizabeth Furnace Plantation in the 18th century.  Furnace founder and original owner of the property John Jacob Huber transformed the property to accommodate the furnace and ironwork industry during the colonial-era. In 1752 Hubers daughter, Elizabeth, married a German employee of her father, Heinrich Wilhelm Stiegel. By 1757 Stiegel had bought the Elizabeth plantation and renamed it the Elizabeth Furnace after his wife, and the daughter of its founder. With financial backing of Philadelphia investors, Stiegel constructed many of the historic buildings the plantation held. 


Elizabeth Furnace was later acquired by the Coleman family when Stiegel and his extravagant taste landed him in debtors prison in Philadelphia by the early 1770’s. Creditors eventually leased the furnace to a young iron master name Robert Coleman. Coleman managed the furnace with enough skill he was able to eventually earn enough to purchase the property before his 7 year lease expired. The mansion Coleman built in 1788 remains standing today on the property off of Rt 501. 


A portion of modern day Elizabeth Farms is owned and operated by William D. Coleman. Passed down from 8 generations, the farm has been family owned and operated since. His segment of the 350+ acre farm has been functioning as a successful wholesale and Christmas tree farm for the past 30 years. 


We are proud to announce of a new adventure at Elizabeth Farms! Everyone here at Elizabeth Farms has been hard at work transforming our stunning property into a wedding and events venue and farm-to-table experience! We pride ourselves on simplicity here at The Farm. One step onto the property and you will see how our passion for quality, wholesome and transparent foods became the backbone of our vision.

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